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Thanks! Yes, yes I have! I was planning to send this on London time 0:00 this morning (which is about 7:00 a.m. here), but unfortnatelly both my alarm clocks didn’t work… Anyway I send it this afternoon instead, hope it can put a smile on his face. : )

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Reece Shearsmith: Life as I know it


Fucking lovely interview with Reece. For all of you who call him a ‘grumpy cunt’, read this. And re-evaluate. 

This, this literally made my day. It’s so lovely to hear more about his life, about him.

The strange thing is, I feel like I know these answers all along, it fits my impression of him. I always think he’s a lovely man with a soft heart, just look at all those characters he created and played, such emotions, such energy! That is not something anybody can do.

this blog is turning into a Reece fan blog haha but well I am a fangirl anyways so yeah not sorry

Q&A: Reece Shearsmith | Life and style | The Guardian





Brilliant new interview with Reece.

I love how he says that he had his first kiss with his wife in a coffin. Why am I not even surprised?


This makes me cry a little. He does not talk about himself very often, I think it’s the first time I ever heard about his fear of growing old , about how the idea of death haunts him in the night, and about how much his family, his wife means to him.

I still can’t handle the fact that he dislikes his own face. I can’t even look at it for a minute without ending up having a mini heart attack.  I mean COME ON! 

Oh and, that kiss in the coffin thing is just so him and so beautiful. It reminds me of  Dellamorte Dellamore.

It always makes me love him more that he has such confidence in his ability as a writer and actor yet still has absolutely no confidence that he’s an attractive guy. How can he say that he dislikes his ‘whole head’? He was like that in his ‘what I see in the mirror’ interview too. It’s crazy considering he is possibly the nearest to perfection I have ever seen.

And yes, this is first time I’ve ever really heard him talk about his wife that way…it’s really nice, especially as they must have been together for a long time now. She is possibly the luckiest woman alive.

Yeah I know! I haven’t meet one girl who doesn’t think he’s attractive as hell. In the Ken Plume podcast he says that Geoff is most likely to be him in real life, and I was a bit surprised. That’s how he sees himself. I mean I love Geoff as a character, but still… 

Not only him, all the characters he plays are incredibly attractive as well. I just love all the effort and details he puts into acting. He treats each individual character differently, making them all seem so real. That’s what I love most about him. Some people say he’s too cocky about his works, but to be fair, I think he has every rights to be proud. He is indeed very talented.

And yes, this Q&A is so soft it touches me deeply. She must be a very special lady, and they seem very happy together. This just makes me happy.

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Aww thanks, my confidence has increased!

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Childish handwriting for me haha~
Handwriting Challenge 
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Childish handwriting for me haha~


Handwriting Challenge 

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Favourite colour 
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