Actually I love Cartman’s vulnerable , sensitive and childish (and he IS a child) side more now. Used to think he’s really cool in the ImaginationLand Trilogy. Maybe he is an asshole but he’s the one I’d trust when there’s a zombie apocalypse . Probably shouldn’t, but if you make me choose from all the SP kids I’d always choose him. 

I really hate when people goes like:”You like Eric Cartman? You’re sick.” I don’t say I like him because I share his political attitudes, or admire everything he did. He is not perfect, he is wrong about so many things, but that’s what makes him seem so real. He IS a fucked up kid, but he ISN’T a monster. At least I believe he is not. Besides, he’s changed a lot over the years, so have I. Sometimes he creeps me out, but most of the times, he is still the kid with magic to me. He makes things happen, both good and bad.

And I hope Kyle could be by his side, even not as lovers, even not as friends. Just be there, be the rational part of his life. And that’s Kyman to me.